What is the bed mattress?

When you are on a mattress , you will always encounter a word "bed", but many consumers don't understand what the mattress is . Is it the "hat" of the bed? Is it like a hat, even a hat? How to buy bed mattresses , below, Xiaobian introduces you.

床笠是什么 怎么如何选购

What is bed mattress?

The mattress is simply a cloth cover that is placed directly on the mattress. Its main purpose is to wrap the mattress. The mattress itself is very easy to fall into the ash, and the artificial damage will become a short time. It is very dirty and it is very inconvenient to clean. The mattress solves this problem. The size requirements of the bed in the bed are also quite high. Generally, the bed of 1.8 m * 2 m is equipped with a bed of 1.8 m * 2 m * 25 cm, and the bed of 1.5 m * 2 m is equipped with 1.5 m * 2 m * 25 cm bed 笠. The bed cover style is suitable for all styles of bed, and if the bed at home is more individual, you don't have to buy a suitable bedding! The standard standard mattress thickness is 0.2 meters, which is about 2 decimeters (20 cm) thick.

The look of the mattress is very special. Cut four corners of a sheet of paper into four small squares, sew together, and then sew the elastic band around the mattress. It will not slide after the mattress, and some mattresses will cover the entire cover. Sew the elastic band to increase the stability.

床笠是什么 怎么如何选购

How to buy a mattress

First: selection of materials

The material of the mattress is still inseparable from the fabric (that is, the fabric). Now there are all kinds of fabrics on the market. It is generally recommended to choose cotton because it has direct contact with the body, so the cotton is compared. A kind of health, secondly, the thickness of the fabric has been selected. The thickness is of course determined by the seasonality. With the seasonality of the area, you can choose to thicken the quilted. Finally, choose the fabric to keep warm. Sex is strong, when it is said that the general recommendation is to buy pure cotton, without adding other ingredients, which is the best for the body.

床笠是什么 怎么如何选购

Second: the selection

Now the market is really full of flowers, what styles, such as strips, cartoons, patterns and solid colors, etc., you can choose the color you like to buy, this is a very good choice for the consumer.

Third: price selection

Generally, the cost of cotton will be around 50 yuan, and the market is lower than the above, you can very surely inform you that it is not cotton, plus the seller also needs profit space, the price within 100 yuan is a normal phenomenon. As an ordinary consumer is acceptable within the scope, followed by a relatively fine is about 200 yuan, the price of this aspect still needs consumers to decide.

床笠是什么 怎么如何选购

What is the bed mattress, how to buy the relevant content, I will introduce it to you first, more information, all in GO Jiaju

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