What is the oleophobic layer fingerprint lock screen oleophobic coating function role science

What is the oleophobic layer? What is the role of the fingerprint lock screen oleophobic layer? We all know that the role of the oleophobic layer on the screen of mobile phones is very obvious and can effectively reduce fingerprint retention. In recent days, Huawei's P10 mobile phone has been hotly debated because the screen is not equipped with an oleophobic layer. It is indeed a big pity that the price of the mid-to-high-end P10 mobile phone screen does not have an oleophobic layer. Then does some high-end fingerprint lock screens also incorporate oleophobic coatings? What is the concept of oleophobic layer? PTM Smart Lock China

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What does the oleophobic layer mean?

The so-called oleophobic layer is a kind of composite coating material, which is generally used on the screen of a mobile phone and is applied to the touch screen surface that is in contact with a finger. It is a functional material coating and often has an oleophobic function. PTM Smart Lock China

The oleophobic layer of a touch screen mobile phone or lock screen is generally made of nano-silica as a raw material (SiO2), and a spray coating process is used to form a coating on the surface of the screen, which has good light transmittance and hydrophobic oleophobicity. PTM Smart Lock China

The greatest effect of adding the oleophobic layer is that it is not easy to leave fingerprints and cleaning is more convenient. Due to normal metabolism, the human body often has oily and sweaty fingers. By touching the screen, it will leave traces of the finger, affecting the cleanliness of the screen and affecting the aesthetics of the screen. PTM Smart Lock China

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What is the role of oleophobic coating

As mentioned above, the oleophobic layer has a clean, easy-to-sweep function that maximizes screen cleanliness and prevents oil from contaminating the screen and affecting perception. PTM Smart Lock China

In addition, the oleophobic coating due to the special material, the finger touch more smooth, no obstruction, operation is not smooth phenomenon, improving the tactile experience. PTM Smart Lock China

It should be noted that the oleophobic layer will be depleted through long-term use, and the fingers will be in contact for a long time, causing the oleophobic layer to be worn out. It will no longer have an oleophobic function. After that, it will be easier to collect fingerprints and the operation will be frustrated. The sense of touch affects the touch screen and the commonly used solution is a film. PTM Smart Lock China

Therefore, after the Huawei P10 mobile phone has not been added with the oleophobic coating message, most mobile phone users are somewhat regretful. Although the mobile phone film can solve the problem, there are still many users who do not like the film. PTM Smart Lock China

The oleophobic layer has also been added to the general tempered membrane. Because the technology is mature, the cost of the oleophobic layer is already quite low. PTM Smart Lock China

In the fingerprint lock screen, some brands have joined the oleophobic layer technology. Fingerprint lock screens and virtual number buttons are frequently contacted by users. Long-term use will affect the appearance. The addition of oleophobic layers is the icing on the cake. There are still some brands that still use traditional screens with film to solve them, or do not solve them at all, which greatly reduces the user experience. PTM Smart Lock China

Here, Smart Lock China Network Xiaobian is to recommend the majority of manufacturers to join the process of oleophobic layer, with a negligible cost to improve user favorability for the promotion of the brand is also of great benefit. PTM Smart Lock China

The above is a detailed description of the oligophobic layer (oil oleophobic coating) function of the smart lock China Net Xiaobian. For more professional knowledge, please pay attention to the related columns of this site! PTM Smart Lock China

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