What types of deodorant floor drains are there?

As a kind of hardware sanitary ware which is often used in modern bathroom decoration, floor drain can not only keep the bathroom space drained smoothly, but also the quality material can reflect the quality of life of the owner to a certain extent, but many people complain about the floor drain in the bathroom space. After using a break time, it often gives off a foul smell, so the new deodorant floor drain is constantly on the market. Do you know what types of deodorant floor drains are there? Today, Jiu Zheng Xiaobian will go to know you together!

1. Water and odor-resistant floor drain:

This is the most traditional floor drain product. It mainly uses the airtightness to prevent the emission of odor. In the structure of the floor drain, the water storage bay is the key. Such a floor drain should try to choose a deeper storage bay, and it should not be just a beautiful appearance. According to the relevant standards, the body of the new floor drain should have a water seal height of 5 cm and a certain ability to keep the water seal from drying out to prevent the odor. Xiao Bian suggested that if your bathroom space is not a bright room, then it is best to choose a traditional one.

2, sealed deodorant floor drain:

This kind of deodorant floor drain refers to adding an upper cover to the floating cover to seal the floor drain body to prevent odor. The advantage of this floor drain is that it has a modern and avant-garde appearance, but the disadvantage is that it is more troublesome to bend over to cover each time. Therefore, an improved sealed floor drain has also appeared. It is equipped with a spring under the upper cover of the sealed deodorant floor drain. When used, the upper cover will be bounced when used, and it is relatively convenient to step back when not in use. It is.

3, three anti-floor drain:

This is the most advanced deodorant floor drain. It installs a small floating ball at the lower end of the floor drain body, and dailyly uses the water pressure and air pressure in the sewer pipe to hold the ball against it, so that it and the ground drain are completely closed, thereby deodorizing, preventing insects and preventing overflow. .

Of course, the performance of different deodorant floor drain types and the market price are also very different. As for what kind of floor drain products should be selected in your home, I suggest you choose according to your own economic ability and personal preference!

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