Whole cabinet is good or bad, mainly to see these points

The whole cabinet, also known as "integrated kitchen," refers to the combination of cabinets, appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen functions. The overall cabinet can be designed and customized according to the kitchen area, structure and the individual needs of the owner, to achieve the overall harmony of the kitchen workflow.
There are many whole cabinet manufacturers on the market, and consumers should pay more attention to the work performance of the cabinet when they identify the whole cabinet: 1 1, the table surface material is divided into four types: marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, stainless steel. (1) Marble is not suitable for home decoration materials due to its characteristics of being susceptible to moisture, processing difficulties, and radiation. (2) Artificial stone is clean and clear, but it is easy to scratch and has low cost. It is suitable for families who rarely cook. (3) Although quartz stone has a high cost, it has a high hardness, is smooth and durable, and gradually becomes a mainstream material for making a countertop. (4) There is no fading of stainless steel countertops. The recycling value is relatively high. Environmental protection is non-radioactive. The fire-resistance, heat-resistance and oil-staining performance are relatively good, but the visual perception is cold and the wear-resistance coefficient is poor.

2 2. Cabinet panels are divided into: MDF, solid particle board and large core board.
Since the characteristics of MDF are not suitable for use as cabinets, they can be eliminated first. The solid wood particle board has no pollution, retains the original wooden structure, has strong nail holding power, and is most universal and practical. The wooden structure of the big core board is more complete, the amount of glue is less, and the bearing capacity is stronger, but the price is expensive. Tips: When purchasing solid wood particle board, pay attention to whether the manufacturer has “10 ring certification” logo or certificate, open the cabinet smell smell, if there is a pungent odor, then the material is inferior. If conditions allow, you can check the edge strip of the shop to open the panel to see if the edge sealing process is complete.
3 3, the door has fire board, solid wood board, paint board, plastic board, super crystal board, crystal board several. (1) The fireproof board has the function of fire-resistance and flame-retarding, belongs to the green environmental protection material, has strong processing, can make clear and thorough patterns, the effect is vivid, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and there is no color difference. Physical properties, strong bearing capacity, good durability, smooth surface, wear-resistant. (2) Solid wood panels are made from logs and there are no excessive processing on the surface. Solid wood materials can be carved out of a variety of patterns and a variety of shapes, the more light, very high-grade. But the cost is very expensive. (3) The paint plate has bright color, but it is easy to scratch and repair is very troublesome. During the purchase, if possible, make a destructive test on the paint plate: pinch the surface of the plate with fingers, if there is no powder or powder off, it means that the solidification force is strong, and it is a high quality paint plate.

Whole cabinet

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