Willing to spend hundreds of thousands to buy a house why not be willing to buy 2,500 yuan smart lock?

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High housing prices have always been one of the diseases of China's economic development in recent years. In the north up to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen suite, the lesser is also two or three million, and the larger one is at least 10 million. Even in the small cities of the third and fourth tiers, a suite is at least two or three hundred thousand.

But unfortunately, hundreds of thousands or even millions, tens of millions of rooms, is equipped with one or two hundred or even dozens of mechanical locks, obviously not matching the expensive house.

Your home's lock is behind, it's time to change the smart lock.

In the background that the home has been armed with intelligent products such as smart home appliances, smart phones, smart audio and video, the lock on the door is still a cold mechanical lock, apparently behind the times.

Nowadays, the smart lock is no longer a lock of the traditional concept. It is a new generation lock that integrates the Internet of Things, the Internet, information technology and electronic technology, and realizes the interconnection of people and locks, locks and smart home appliances. Compared with traditional locks, smart locks also have a bit more interaction with people.

Traditional mechanical locks have almost no interaction with people except for simple closing and locking. The smart locks are different. Not only do people get rid of people's dependence and restraint on the keys, but fingers, faces, irises, etc. are the keys, and don't worry about the loss of keys and forgetting.

And it can be integrated with the smart home system, for example, the owner returns home, the smart lock can automatically sense, the light automatically lights up, the background music of the sound also sounds, and the person who is tired for a day suddenly relaxes a lot; for example, the smart out in the morning The lock will prompt the weather forecast and dressing index, car wash index and so on.

These functions, the traditional locks are clearly not possible, and also do not match the hundreds of thousands, millions or even thousands of houses. Therefore, in the era of intelligent home, it is time to install a smart lock for your home.

Your home lock is not safe, it is time to change the smart lock.

Hundreds of thousands or even millions, tens of millions of rooms, of course, need a safe lock to protect, and traditional mechanical locks, whether it is A, B-level locks, or the latest national standard C-class locks, is illegal In the eyes of the molecule, it is just a piece of scrap iron. It takes only a few ten seconds and a few minutes to open a lock through technology. Obviously, it can no longer meet the current security needs.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, the annual family losses caused by burglary in China are as high as 1.13 billion yuan. The safety of family property of 350 million households cannot be fully guaranteed. Safety has become the most urgent problem for individuals, families and society.

More than 70% of all cases of household theft are “door-to-door” through shackles and unlocking methods. Therefore, the safety of locks has become the key to home security. But unfortunately, more than 50% of households in China still use Class A locks, and this lock-and-lock technology and anti-violence ability are relatively weak, and criminals can easily open in just a dozen seconds.

Therefore, to use a smart lock with a non-replicable, unique fingerprint, face, password, etc., and with voice alarm and remote monitoring function, can truly maintain the safety of the family. After installing such a smart lock, once someone tries to open the technology and violence, the smart lock will automatically alarm and remotely monitor, so that the criminals can't get started, and the security is much higher than the mechanical lock.

Therefore, for the safety of family members' lives and property, it is time to change a smarter lock.

Your home's lock is not good, it's time to change the smart lock.

Nowadays, after 80s and 90s, they have gradually become the mainstay of the consumer market. They are the “millennials” who grew up under the influence of the Internet and new trends of thought. They are more likely to accept new ideas and new products, especially intelligent. Personalized products.

With the 80s and 90s, the consumer groups stepped into the stage of marriage purchase, the whole market showed a trend of “youngerization”, and the home industry was no exception. “Young, fashionable and individual” became the hot spot in the home market in recent years. vocabulary.

In the real estate market, after 80 and 90, it has gradually become a new consumer force, and their pursuit of decoration has become increasingly simple, fashionable and personalized. Therefore, as a key component of home improvement, if it violates this trend, it will certainly be eliminated by the market.

However, the traditional locks have become more and more homogenous in appearance, and the design is too rigid; the function is too single, and it has long been unable to meet the needs of consumers after 80 and 90, so it is a matter of time.

The smart lock is more beautiful and stylish than the mechanical lock. It covers almost all styles such as modern minimalist style, fashionable fashion style and European pastoral style. It is in line with the aesthetics of young people. This also makes traditional locks dwarf, so Young people are more willing to choose this kind of smart home products that can represent their own fashion life attitude. So, dress up with a smart lock to make your home more beautiful.

Conclusion: A suite is a few hundred thousand, a few millions or even tens of millions, and if there are still traditional locks with tens of dollars, it obviously does not match. Therefore, you should replace your smart nest with a smart, safe and convenient smart lock.

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